Girl Body Pride: the Final Bow



This is a hard post to write. It’s surprising how hard it is to find the words, actually, considering that after much soul-searching and late night text message marathons with the friends I’ve made through writing. But then again, I guess knowing what needs to be done  doesn’t make the doing any easier, even with the absolute certainty that I’ve made the right decision.

It’s time to bow down to the many incredible and established voices in the realm of body and self-image discussions.  It’s time to let Girl Body Pride fade into internet oblivion.  While I’ve truly the experience and am grateful to have connected with some of most talented writers I know, I think this is the right thing to do. My role as Latina Magazine’s advice columnist, alongside homeschooling my daughter, my personal blog, and the occasional need to sleep, all have limited the time I am able to responsibly bitching about which celeb mom’s six-week post-partum bikini body is giving us all a complex on this week’s glossy magazine cover. Deadlines that help pay the bills always take priority, as does time with my little girl and husband. Clearly, something had to give. The answer became clear when I realized I was no longer capable of giving 100 percent of my efforts to making this site all I had believed it could be.

If I see you at any conferences this year, you’ll probably receive a business card that lists Girl Body Pride as part of my identity. And that’s perfectly fine with me because I think it always will be. I’m grateful for the words shared on the site by so many wonderfully talented writers and bloggers, thankful for the friends made and connections established, and so very appreciative to you, our readers, for cheering us on along the way.

You’re still beautiful, just the way you are. And you always will be.


PMCPauline Campos is Latina Magazine’s advice & relationship columnist, editor of the ebook anthology, Strong Like Butterfly, and a radio personality. Pauline blogs three times a week at Aspiring Mama (or when she remember to take her Adderall) & is the founder of Girl Body Pride. Strong like Butterfly is currently available on Smashwords.




  1. I was going to say that Girl Body Pride changed my life, but that’s not true. Pauline, YOU – your advice & coaching – and your (and other contributors) words here changed my life. But YOU aren’t going anywhere. I’m sad to see Girl Body Pride end – it’s been a major source of inspiration and change for me. I am a Girl who has a body she is proud of in no small part because of you. Glad I’ll still be able to connect with you in other ways. Hugs.

  2. I was going to write a second post but I thought I’d just write it here in the comments. It’s been a pleasure Pauline. I , like you, am very, very busy. It’s a great site but there will be other opportunities in the future I’m sure. Take care!

  3. I’m sorry to see this site go! I was just gearing up to write a post for y’all.

    This has been a sweet run. Thank you for creating the space.

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