A Declaration to Myself

A Declaration to Myself A Declaration to Myself

Image courtesy of Project Heal. Find them on FB. Be Inspired.

My name is Pauline M. Campos. I have a right to happiness, to ask for what I need in life, to choose with whom I sit and how I want to spend my time and energy.

It is my responsibility to pursue this happiness and wholeness.

Your opinion, your value judgements on me, my life choices, and my body are beyond my control. I will not waste a moment second guessing my self-worth based on anything but my own perceptions. I might be reaching here, but I’ll go out on a limb and say you probably don’t want me telling you why your your Happy Place is not up to my own standards, so let’s shake on it, agree to disagree and cheer each other on the paths that are right for each of us.

Then we can sing Kumbaya in rounds by the campfire. I’ve always liked that song.

But before we start singing, why not stop by Project Heal’s website. The nonprofit, started by a few young women who met while in treatment for eating disorders and helps fund scholarships for girls and women to be able to seek treatment, is celebrating its 5th anniversary. These girls deserve major love.



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