About Us


Because no matter what decade we find ourselves in, we share a desire to heal a piece of ourselves while doing everything within our power to make sure today’s daughters grow strong in mind before all else.


We are at war with the reflection we see in the mirror. It’s either too full or too thin or too curvy or not curvy enough.

We want more for our daughters. We also want to be able to check out at the grocery store without being bombarded by magazine headlines touting The Best Diet, How to Get a Better Body Faster, and the Six-Week-Post-Partum-Bikini-Photo-Shoot that is now par for the course for practically every celeb mom. This constant reminder that we can’t possibly be happy as we are is what we (and our kids) have at eye-level and what we (and they) see on television daily. And that, my friends, is total bullshit.


We all need to be reminded that we are worth everything at this very moment. Happiness is not something to be determined by a number on the scale or the tag in our clothing and Hollywood doesn’t get to tell our us, our daughters, sisters, friends, and cousins that we aren’t perfectly wonderful just as we are anymore.

No matter our body type or our social standing in high school or if we’ve had five kids or none, we at Girl.Body.Pride are here to remind us all to focus on our beauty, our strengths, and our spirits. No matter what anyone else says, we must remember that how we see ourselves is most important.


Just the Way We Are.

pauline campos

Pauline Campos

Wife to The Husband and mother to “Buttercup,” Pauline has decided that it’s time to make peace with her cellulite after moving to northern Maine because she knows how to rock the Drama Queen. The “being severely allergic to mesquite and the entire southern border” thing also makes for a great punchline while proving that it is, in fact, entirely possible to be allergic to being Mexican.

Pauline has always known she was going to be a writer and finally got tired of hearing The Husband ask when she was going to make him rich, so she finally stopped dreaming and started doing. But then she got distracted by a squirrel wearing something shiny.

Pauline got started in newspapers and served as city editor for a few local papers before hitting the big time at The Detroit News and freelancing for the Metro-Detroit based Metro Parent Magazine before taking a break after baby. She has blogged for Funny Not Slutty,  Owning Pink, and is a regular contributor at 30 Second Mom while maintaining her own blog at Aspiring Mama. Girl Body Pride is her answer to a lifetime of self-doubt, body image issues, and an eating disorder. She is represented by literary agent Michele Martin of MDM Management. Connect with her on her About.Me page.


Margaret Elysia Garcia

Margaret Elysia Garcia lives in exile from her urban Los Angeles roots in the far northeastern corner of California which no one knows exists. She’s learning to live a survivalist existence without the abundance of water or fast Internet.

She’s the author of Sad Girls & Other Stories new on Solstice Literary Press as well as many chapbooks of poetry including Alzheimer’s Cul de Sac, You in the House of My Heart, Choosing Words, and When the Ground Tore Open. Her play Before You Barefoot had its premiere last year. She’s a contributing editor for Hip Mama Magazine, and writes the zine The Adventure of SadGirl with her 10-year-old daughter, PalomaHer work can be seen in various online and print literary destinations.

She the DJ host for the alternative music show Milkshake & Honey at Plumas Community Radio ever Wednesday at 2-4 pm PST. Stream it online!

She’s a three-time local director for the national spoken word Listen to Your Mother Show  (2013-2015).  Her 2012 essay for the San Francisco Listen to Your Mother Show, “Questions & Answers” –about her children’s lesbian grandmothers– was featured on Upworthy in 2014.

Margaret has had body issues from as long as she can remember but is trying hard to overcome them. Slowly she’s embracing her deformed feet, her crooked tooth, her too short arms, her perimenopausal hormones, and yes, her fat.   She lives by the motto ‘if you’re going to be fat, be fashionable.’  She’s way more into fashion and cosmetics than she cares to admit. She’s hoping that together she and her daughter can put body issues to rest once and for all.


Shoshana Kohn

A Wisconsin native, Shoshana often wonders how she ended up in Delaware.  A Writer, Editor, Interviewer, Mother, Coffee House Wanderer, Tattooed Jew, and Proud Queer, Shoshana is finding her way through a new life on her own.

A former college English instructor and editor of a monthly Jewish magazine. Shoshana is a winner of a Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Jewish Journalism.  The Wilmington director for the national spoken word  Listen to Your Mother Show, she prides herself on a leader for women.  The creator of a divorce support group, The Land of Found Women, Shoshana brings women together to create a strong community helping each other thrive.

Her degree in Technical Writing and Master’s in Jewish studies have’t stopped her from opening her big mouth. From public breastfeeding to bisexuality, she is a fearless open book. She shares her own struggles, so that other women can learn to speak up for themselves. More than anything, she figures, when life gives you lemons, show a lot of cleavage. After all, cleavage hides any flaw.