Are you Ready to #BeBrave?


Are you ready to #BeBrave?

The headlines are filled with stories about feelings of hopelessness. At first glance, the world looks like a pretty depressing place, but if you look just long enough…you see the glimmers of light shining through.

There are people doing good things; people who are inspiring others to see themselves as worthy of who they are and to see others on the same terms. The only reward they seek is the knowledge that by sharing their own truths another finds solace in the knowing that they are not alone.  We think those people are heroes. They are the brave ones who have found their voices and are using them to inspire others to speak out, as well.

One of those heroes is Ally Del Monte, and we want you to remember that name. Remember Loser Gurl too. That’s Ally’s personal blog on which she has shared the story that led her to a suicide attempt and her mission to speak out to her peers on the long-standing effects of bullying. Girl Body Pride is proud to team up with Ally and Loser Gurl for the #BeBrave twitter party on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. EST. Click here for party specifics and read on below for some words for Ally:

I spent years worrying about how others saw me. Mostly because they told me, in no uncertain terms, how I was UNACCEPTABLE and UGLY because I didn’t fit the mainstream version of beautiful.
I’m fat. I have been since 2nd grade and my thyroid went nuts and I gained over 60 pounds. So, since 2nd grade I have been told over and over I was unworthy because of my size.
I believed it up to the point that I tried to kill myself. Then, after lots of therapy, meds,and my mom by my side every single day for months and month, I decided that I WAS acceptable and worthy and PRETTY DAMN TERRIFIC … just the way I am. I was very depressed because I was bullied. I wanted to die because I was bullied. Once I decided to live, I want to share with everyone THAT IT GETS BETTER! I share my story to share my strength. I am not always brave, but I was fight every single day to #BeBrave so I can stand up TO bullies, FOR myself, and FOR others.


It does get better. When we stand together…It. Does. Get. Better. That’s why we’re standing with Ally and we hope you do, too. Because this is Ally’s first twitter party, Girl Body Pride is stepping in to help make it the #BeBrave party the best it can be. We’ll be hosting the party on Ally’s behalf, but make no mistake — #BeBrave is all Ally and all Loser Gurl.

Register here in order to be eligible for some fabulous prizes and by all means, connect with Ally here if you are interested in sponsoring or supporting the #BeBrave twitter party in any way. Girl Body Pride is also sponsoring some #BeBrave swag because it’s the right thing to do.

Follow Ally at @Loser_Gurls and of course, Girl Body Pride on twitter and spread the word about the #BeBrave party. We can’t wait to see you at 8 p.m. EST tomorrow night. Remember that we are braver when we stand together.

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