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Because Inner Strength is a Thing

Maybe it sounds like bullshit when someone else says that things happen for a reason and in their own time and when they are meant to.And maybe it’s true but the things you are wanting to happen haven’t

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Waiting for the Mean Girl

Photo credit: Jennifer CollinsWhen I was a little girl, my mother always told me that I was unique.  That in all of creation there had never been anyone just like me.  That my life had a purpose. 

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Does The Media Get the Blame for Eating Disorders?

A friend recently sent me a link to an article on Ed Bites regarding the author’s thoughts on the media and eating disorders. The article, to be published in Emirates Woman magazine, is

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Beauty Can’t Be Stolen

It was when I took my not-yet-five-year-old daughter to see the forensic doctor who would photograph her body and complete what is commonly referred to as a “rape kit” that I began to wonder if she

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Ducks, PhotoShop, and Truth in Advertising

Let’s talk numbers, shall we? - 42% of girls in grades 1-3 want to be thinner- 51% of 9-10 year old girls feel better about themselves when they’re dieting- 53% of 13 year old girls are unhappy

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