How To Love My Beautiful Body

One of the secrets for embracing a life of joy is to accept yourself where you are at today.  This is a key step to being comfortable in your own skin.

For women, we can find this difficult to do.  Looking in the mirror we can see plenty not to accept.  We see those 10 pounds we need to loose, gravity taking hold in areas we don’t want to think about and then there are those fine wrinkles around our eyes.

We have a tendency to compare ourselves to the perfect woman the media is constantly blasting us with from the movie theater to the advertisements in magazines.  We give our power away when we buy into the Hollywood image of the perfect woman in a size 2 dress.  In America today the average size woman is a size 12.

So how can you get comfortable with your own body?

For me it is acceptance that there are certain things I cannot change; I will never grow beyond my 4’10” frame and I’ve reached that age that any heel taller than 2 ½ ” kills my feet so I do not wear them.    My body is pear shape; so I have learned to wear clothes that elongate my body and don’t accentuate my hips.

I’ve embraced aspects of my age.  Last year celebrating a milestone birthday, I elected earlier in the year to stop coloring my hair.  I started coloring my hair when I was 20 years old; so this was a big deal for me.  My grandmother’s hair was a beautiful snowy white and my mother’s if turning that way as well.  I have learned to embrace my natural highlights using the right hair products and I have a cut that flatters my hair and professional status.

The most important aspect of acceptance is going through my morning and evening routine.  Harsh light of the bathroom with no make-up on; there was a time I did not enjoy seeing gravity taking hold of my body.  There was a time when I wouldn’t gaze at my body in the mirror.

Today, I see a beautiful woman who has an incredible body that is serving her well.  I can point to scars on my body from a parrot bite on my hand, surgery from a broken right ankle and then there was that C-section I had many years ago.

My beautiful body tells the tales of my life.

Right now, with my marathon around the corner; I have runner’s toes .. thick toe nails with some black and blue.  It speaks to where I am in my life right now and right now I’m grateful for Hot Pink Nail Polish to cover them up!

I have lived a blessed life and my body is the one constant with me through all my tales.  It has withstood the times when I did not take care of it and has had a rebirth of sorts as I’ve focused on my health and fitness.

Today I celebrate my beautiful body!

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