How to Prevent Dry Skin for a Baby

How to Prevent Dry Skin for a Baby

Infants’ skin is weak and very sensitive. Therefore, when the weather changes or with improper caring, the newborn’s skin becomes dry, cracked. The phenomenon of dry skin of infants causes many parents to worry, whether the baby is lacking any nutrients or having a serious cause. Join us to find out the causes of dry skin and how to improve the situation of infant dry skin in the following article.

Causes of infant skin dryness

While in the womb, the fetal skin has a yellowish and slippery covering. After birth, this protective skin will get washed and peeled off. As a result, the skin without protective film is often dry, flaky when exposed to air, water, temperature, clothing, and cotton towels.How to Prevent Dry Skin for a Baby

Babies become more prone to dry skin in the winter when the temperature gets reduced and less moisture is present. In the summer, rising temperatures can cause moisture to imbalances on the skin leading to dry skin. If your baby’s skin gets exposed to the sun on the beach, it causes dry skin because of the sun and the air mixed with sea salt.

Normally,  dry skin in infants will go away on its own without treatment. Besides, changing weather, parents don’t know how to take care of their baby’s skin.

What to do when a newborn’s skin is dry?

  • Use a natural bath oil or lotion, which keeps the skin hydrated while the skin is still well-ventilated.
  • Provide enough fluids for babies by feeding their babies so it provides their bodies with the fluids, their skin will also get nourished better.
  • Keep the air in the room as humid by using a humidifier.
  • Wear baby gloves and socks on frosty days to protect the fragile skin of babies.
  • Wash soap and softener for babies.

Preventive measures for the baby with dry skin

Mothers should not adhere to, which causes their skin to become dry or worse:

  • Do not bathe your baby too much or too long. Because bathing for a long time will cause dry skin. Each time you take a bath, your baby’s skin loses its natural oils. Babies should only bath 2-3 times a week, the rest of the days just need to clean yourself. Each shower should last only for 10-15 minutes.
  • Do not bathe your baby in boiling water, as this will cause loss of natural moisture on the baby’s skin. It is best to use cool water mixed with boiling water to bathe, to limit the chlorine content in the water to make the baby’s skin dry.
  • Do not use a fan while bathing your baby because the heat is too high for their skin to dry out.How to Prevent Dry Skin for a Baby

    Ways to improve the condition of dry skin in infants

    Use baby lotion

    By applying the best baby lotion for dry skin regularly, you can keep your baby’s skin dry and flaky. Using a moisturizer after bathing will help restore the natural moisture barrier, create a barrier against harmful substances, and maintain the health of the skin.

    Besides, regular use of lotion is also an effective method to prevent eczema, psoriasis, and so on.

    Use coconut oil

    Coconut oil is safe and effective for soothing irritated skin and preventing skin infections.

    Olive oil

    For the baby with dry skin, use a few drops of olive oil to bathe the child. A few drops of olive oil in a warm bath for 10 minutes will help your baby’s skin smooth, minimize dryness significantly.


    Honey contains many natural antioxidants that help nourish, moisturize the baby’s skin, and protect the baby’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.

    When using any kind of skin care product for babies, mothers also need to watch closely for side effects if any later. The phenomenon of rashes, dry skin, bullous appearance, and so on is a manifestation of allergy. If so, stop using the right way.How to Prevent Dry Skin for a Baby

    When to seek a doctor in case of dry skin?

    If the skin shows the following signs, the mother should seek medical attention immediately:

    • Dry skin accompanied by itching and red patches. This could be a sign that your baby’s skin has eczema.
    • There will be some dryness that can turn into a fish scale, manifested as layers of fish scales lining the baby’s skin. If detected early, it is possible to treat the baby’s skin promptly, not getting worse.
    • When the baby’s skin appears to have yellow as pus, swelling, or excessive cracking, it is also advisable to see a doctor.

    Dry skin of infants is a very common phenomenon, mothers need to know the do’s and don’t along with supportive measures to help the baby’s skin soft, less dry, and free from skin problems.