Just the Way We Are: The Official Girl Body Pride Bracelet

Girl Body Pride Bracelet

It’s here, my friends! The official Girl Body Pride bracelet is finally available and I am so very excited to share it with you! It’s gorgeous, simple, and always on my wrist. Just knowing it’s there helps me to focus on the path I am on to self-love, self-acceptance, and body pride.

It’s a reminder that I need and always will. The thoughts and voices and word bites and verbal memories playing on a loop inside of my 34-year-old head and are the same as the ones that I’v e always had, even as a child.





Please let me hide.

Nowhere to.

I’ll jut hide here.

Inside of myself.


At the age of 8 I was hiding in the pantry stuffing feelings down with food. When I was 15 I “discovered” bulimia and celebrated the release that came with it. I’m 34 now and refer to myself as a  lifelong recovering bulimic and that’s because the thoughts will always be there no matter what I do. I can’t change that. What I can change is what I do. And on the days, weeks, or months that I wake up feeling to depressed or anxious to even bother trying, I can and do promise myself to try again tomorrow.

That’s what this bracelet is. A promise. And a way to do something for others, should you be so kind as to help support my efforts in building awareness and join your voice with Girl Body Pride, as $1 from the proceeds of every bracelet sold will be donated directly to the National Eating Disorder Association. For every bracelet sold, the 13-year-old me will say thank you. She’s the part of me that sat in front of a doctor and tried to ask for help and was sent home with a pamphlet on calorie counting and healthy eating because I could only get my tongue to form the words that told her I couldn’t stick to a diet.

To celebrate the bracelet’s launch, I will be doubling my donation to NEDA for every bracelet ordered through November 23. I am so very thankful to Berkey Designs and their support for Girl Body Pride. This started with a custom bracelet ordered for my best friend’s birthday and blossomed in to a beautiful partnership and a wonderful way to support Girl Body Pride and an organization like NEDA that means so very much to so many.

I hope you like it just as much as I do.

The official Girl Body Pride bracelet is available for order in adults in both aluminum and sterling silver on the Berkey Designs Etsy shop. Child’s size options will be available after the holidays.

Happy Today, y’all. And Happy Tomorrow, too.


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