Momshell, Defined

Momshell, Defined

Are you a mother who birthed a baby from her uterus?  Did you gain weight, change shape, slow down?  Does it make you feel bad?

Look around you.  Who are your mom friends?  Are they awesome?  Do you love them?  Are they saving your life now that you are a new mother with an infant or a baby or a toddler and you are at turns elated and depressed and wondering if you’ll ever get back to normal?

Do some of them also have extra weight or a different shape?  Do you even notice that about them?

Yeah.  They probably think the same thing about you.

Put down the magazine that shows New Celebrity Mom du jour and how she lost all the baby weight by doing Pilates with her highly-paid trainer and eating only organic lettuce grown in a remote, pure forest by garden gnomes and drinking purified water from the most faraway mountain spring.  Ignore the pundits who invent nauseating words like “momshell.”

Remind yourself that your body is an incredible thing.  You use it now to nourish your child, to pick him up, to bathe and entertain him.  It is no longer there only for your or your partner’s pleasure.  Your body is a tool that you employ to carry out the most magnificent job there is.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like.

It’s fucking awesome.