Oh Miley, What are we going to do with you?

Who hasn’t seen this? Miley Cyrus a la Twerking

I’m a bit flummoxed by this one. On one hand, I want to be supportive of women expressing themselves however they want to. On the other hand? I hate top 40 music and kind of negate it all in the first place as a giant commercial trap. On one hand , a woman having a happy, healthy sexuality is a great thing. On the other hand,  there’s this thing called manners that I’m very fond of.  I feel weirdly squeamish watching this. And it isn’t passing the mommy standard in me.

But I need to know why I’m squeamish. I need to know why I”m hoping my daughter didn’t see it and doesn’t know about it. Because while a healthy sexual identity is the ideal, it shouldn’t be at the expense of good taste and manners. Or perhaps I just want Miley to watch old Madonna videos to get a better idea of how it’s done.

Maybe it’s because Miley doesn’t look sexual at all, she just looks like she’s trying too hard. In her first number with the one-piece mousecapade look, she doesn’t look sexualized as much as she just looks awkward. All those awkward gestures to her crotch.  Perhaps this is what a Disney princess comes to in the end.

Not that anyone should be looking to the VMA’s as some sort of cultural icons of taste and style and all things hip. Does MTV still play music videos?! If it hits the VMA’s it’s passe in the first place. But perhaps a ‘viewer discretion is advised’ warning should have come on just in case the eight year old was still up.

What’s interesting here, isn’t her tacky gestures of sexuality, it’s that there’s outrage at all. Why the outrage? In my mind, this is exactly what becomes of girls fed on a diet of mainstream media and Disney. In a very particular way, Miley’s performance makes perfect sense. Wal-Mart used to partner with Disney to sell Hannah Montana outfits that were a few stitches shy of stripper. It’s really not a stretch.

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