The Search for What Is

 Hey, you … yes you. I have news for you: You are enough. 

For any of us, these are the three most moving words to absorb in order to find true, toe-curling joy, experience freedom, and turn a miraculous corner in your life. 

They can also be three of the most difficult words to swallow in perfect trust.

The Search for What Is 1

As a Soul Coach® my goal is to assist people to connect with a more inspired, authentic life and to support them as they break through barriers. I want them to re-discover their fire, and to know the ecstatic joy of connecting with their Source. I see the most incredibly brilliant people waiting for their time in the sun, when in reality, there has never been a better time for them to shine than right now. They spend years running in circles, waiting for the day when that circle magically turns into a straight line leading to their heart’s fulfillment, but ironically, they are the only ones who can chart that course. 

Why do we allow ourselves to do this? Because we bow to the pressure of being “enough.” We all do it. The old not thin enough, smart enough, lovable enough, rich enough, polished enough, young enough. Sound familiar? What’s your poison?

As women, we are too often still conditioned to fall back and let others soak up the sun at our own expense, until we are depleted. Well, sweetie, that just won’t work anymore. You need to rebel. 

That’s right, jailbreak time. Let yourself out of that cage, throw out everything that doesn’t serve you, and allow yourself enough slack to fall in love with the perfect “You” that is here in this moment.

Oh, I know, for me to suggest that you would voluntarily sabotage yourself would be silly, right?  I’m talking about the times you played “small” and let someone else take the credit when you did all the work, the compliments you blow off, the guy you don’t ask out on a date because you think you are not his type, the raise you can’t bring yourself to ask your boss for … you get it, I know you do.

Please humor me and find a mirror. Take a long look into the eyes of the woman looking back at you. You have only one possible thing to say to her:  how dare you?

Do you know how beautiful you are? I mean really — there’s no one else like you on the planet. No one’s hair curls exactly the same, no one’s hips sway with quite the same swagger, and no one has the same way with words. The same force that created the oceans and Seven Wonders moved to create YOU. Who are you not to celebrate this? You are so perfectly “you” that no one else comes close!  Yes, sister, easily — you are enough.

I have a challenge. For the next 28 days, once daily write down one thing that you love about yourself. This seems like a harmless request, but hold on to your panties because it packs a punch! Trust me. By the end of the 28 days, you should have a pretty hefty stack of praise and acknowledgement. (Not to mention a good counter-argument for the “not enough” goons that disable you.)    

It’s a fact, Beautiful Seeker, and you can’t change it:  all you need to make your dreams happen is inside you right now. You just have to surrender to this fact and accept that the struggle is so wonderfully OVER.

Are you willing?

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