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Because no matter what decade we find ourselves in, we share a desire to
heal a piece of ourselves while doing everything within our power to make
sure today’s daughters grow strong in mind before all else.


We are at war with the reflection we see in the mirror. It’s either too
full or too thin or too curvy or not curvy enough.

We want more for our daughters. We also want to be able to check out at the
grocery store without being bombarded by magazine headlines touting The
Best Diet, How to Get a Better Body Faster, and the
Six-Week-Post-Partum-Bikini-Photo-Shoot that is now par for the course for
practically every celeb mom. This constant reminder that we can’t possibly
be happy as we are is what we (and our kids) have at eye-level and what we
(and they) see on television daily. And that, my friends, is total bullshit.


We all need to be reminded that we are worth everything at this very
moment. Happiness is not something to be determined by a number on the
scale or the tag in our clothing and Hollywood doesn’t get to tell our us,
our daughters, sisters, friends, and cousins that we aren’t perfectly
wonderful just as we are anymore.

No matter our body type or our social standing in high school or if we’ve
had five kids or none, we at Girl.Body.Pride are here to remind us all to
focus on our beauty, our strengths, and our spirits. No matter what anyone
else says, we must remember that how we see ourselves is most important.


Just the Way We Are.


Pauline Campos contributes to Funny Not Slutty, An Army of Ermas, Owning Pink, and 30 Second Mom. She blogs three times a week at Aspiring Mama and is the founder of Girl Body Pride.



  1. Patricia campos says:

    That’s my big sister ladies! She’s awesome and I’ve always looked up to her because of her attitude towards her body and life. Second reason I look up to her is because of her height. Still think I got screwed on the gene pool.
    Love you big sis! Don’t forget the little people when you become famous.

  2. Love this, Pauline! Can’t wait to be part of the girl body pride community!!

  3. Love this idea, and I know it can work.

    Surrounding ourselves, changing our thoughts, working hard to believe in what we know is the healthiest attitude. Drowning out all the rest: even with the bombardment 24/7.
    Congrats, Pauline: so very proud of you, and thank you.

    • Alexandra, thank YOU. For your inspiration. For your humor. For your ability to share your words and bring others into your world. And for your support. I appreciate you. So very much.