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Kim Tracy Prince is a freelance writer and editor in Los Angeles, where she spent years as a TV producer making reality shows that nobody saw before having two little boys and retreating to the suburbs. She publishes her personal blog, House of Prince, where she tells you what she thinks about stuff, and a hyperlocal blog called Agoura Hills Mom.

Throw Like a Girl: 11-Year-Old Caroline Pla’s Appeal To Play Tackle Football

caroline pla on ellen with notre dame basket

Caroline Pla on “Ellen.”  Go Irish! Both of my sons play in the local YMCA flag football league. It’s a pretty tame version of the game, but the kids do bonk heads or trip over each other, so injury is a risk. They will not be playing tackle football, as much as my husband and […]

The Moral of the Story Is Stop Reading Magazines

Seventeen and Faulty BMI

Reading about the latest body image flap created by Seventeen magazine makes me thank God I don’t have a girl. Really, what I’m thanking Him for is that I don’t have a 53% chance of dealing with a daughter’s body issues starting at age 13. Seventeen had a body mass index (or BMI) calculator on […]

A Year of Being Blonde

blonde head

People ask “Do you have more fun?” or “Do you feel dumber?” I myself am guilty of having made stupid jokes in both of those veins. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your hair color is. You can’t escape who you really are. — On the night I sat down to write Lisa’s eulogy, […]

A Traffic Jam, the Bad Economy, and Crappy Cell Phone Reception: an L.A. Story

Credit: lululemon.com

Yes, internet. I managed to pants myself at the gym. I have finally been losing weight. Many of you will be able to relate to that thing that happens when you stop nursing your baby? Where you just keep eating the same amount of food and so the weight never really comes off…or worse – […]

The Plate

broken plate

Do we talk about depression here? Well, I’m gonna, anyway. In a post with too much capitalization, so please bear with me. I’m that woman who Has Too Much On My Plate, and is Too Hard On Myself. I’ve heard those two titles for me so many times that I feel like I should put […]

Momshell, Defined.


Are you a mother who birthed a baby from her uterus?  Did you gain weight, change shape, slow down?  Does it make you feel bad? Look around you.  Who are your mom friends?  Are they awesome?  Do you love them?  Are they saving your life now that you are a new mother with an infant […]


ugly ducklings and a swan

For a woman who grew up geek, being called “pretty” feels pretty weird.     Recently I reached out to a writer I admire over a social media channel.  We’ve never met, and I was looking forward to changing that.  Her reply was lovely.  In it, she complimented me and called me “pretty.” But she […]